Beyond a careful history and thorough physical exam,  doctors sometimes need to know more about your medical condition.  Coastal Urgent Care Baton Rouge comes equipped with on-site state of the art diagnostic technology such as digital X-rays and EKG.  We also have an on-site lab for blood tests and urinalysis in order to get quick answers and get straight to treatment.


Digital X-rays

A new digital x-ray technology allows for less radiation, quicker image results, and more accurate readings at Coastal Urgent Care Baton Rouge. To insure an excellent and safe image the first time we follow the highest safety standards with our certified equipment and licensed radiology technologist.  We use digital x-ray to diagnose broken bones, certain lung conditions like pneumonia, or certain abdominal conditions.


An EKG is a painless routine test done to check the electrical impulses that the heart produces.  Patients are connected to 12 wires that transmit the information from your heart to the EKG machine.  This just requires you to stay still for several minutes until the EKG machine captures the information and prints out a reading of your heart which is called a tracing.  Simple and painless.

 On-site Lab

Our on site lab offers blood tests, urine tests, influenza and strep test and other types of lab work help doctors diagnose illnesses and monitor the effects of medications and other treatments. They are valuable tools that can identify the cause of your symptoms  on the spot to assist in quick and accurate treatment.   At Coastal Urgent Care Baton Rouge, we can perform multiple diagnostic tests to help you manage your health.

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