5 Ways to Remove a Splinter with No Pain

As summer heats up, families are spending more and more time outside enjoying activities like going to the lake and chilling outdoors. With all of this recreation time, you or a member of your family could be subject to minor injuries like splinters. While splinters aren’t typically very harmful, they do hurt. When you get … Continued

How Often Should You Get a Physical? It Depends

Around 44 million Americans get annual physicals, and 92 percent of people surveyed feel it’s important to get annual physicals. Have you scheduled yours yet? Most of us only go to the doctor when something is wrong. It is important to see your doctor for a physical to help prevent future health issues, establish baselines, and … Continued

Common Allergies in Kids to Look out For

Allergies are a tricky thing to look out for or keep in mind in social settings. Whether it be birthday parties, sports games, or just school events, allergies in kids are important to keep track of. In situations where foods are shared and close contact is possible, knowing what allergies to look out for can … Continued